Saturday, February 28, 2015

Four Years of Favorites

Writing last week about our book slump last week got me thinking about all the books we've read in the last couple of years.  I thought I'd share some of Henry's absolute favorites.  This is only a small selection of the books we've read, but these are the ones that get put in the reading pile the most of what we have at home.








One interesting note; of all of these only two of his favorites are paperback copies (the two that are paperbacks, Dino Train and Foolish Machinery I just haven't found in hardback yet).  I'm a big believer in hardback kids books whenever I can find them and I find it interesting that it's our hardbacks that get the most reading time of all our kids book collection.  Special exceptions aside, it's never to early to teach kids about good books right down to the bindings.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Schoolish: Now We Are Four

A friend mentioned a few days ago that she had recommende this blog to another friend about activities for preschoolers and it made me realize I haven't really written on that subject for awhile.  We've been plugging away at being "schoolish", which is essentially just fostering a love of learning at home, but it looks a little different than it did last fall.


There's still a big emphasis on just enjoying play.  I really think we're starting to emphasize a little too much on having early, advanced learners at the cost of letting kids just be kids.  No my four year old is not reading yet and that's okay, but he's plays some pretty great games and acts out some silly stories.

He went up a big curve in the last few months discovering puzzles and games.  It's a little exhausting to have "play" Cootie and ROCK ON! (Geology Bingo) on repeat, but I'm glad he has found them.  He even likes to take out the adult games and make up games with the pieces.


He's never been that into drawing, coloring or writing, but we crossed a big hill a few months ago when we finally got out our Usborne Books & More. Wipe-Clean Starter Collection (7) and discovered Dot-to-Dot .

What works now is to ask him if he wants to do DtD or the Wipe Clean books while I'm prepping dinner or lunch.  He'll do three or four DtD pages on his own in that time, and his choice between letters, numbers or any of our other wipe cleans.  I feel pretty good with this as it's the same amount of work he appears to do in a day of daycare (their pre-preK work) or more.  So the, maybe, 15 - 20 minutes he spend on it 3 - 4 days a week feels right.


We hit a slump in our reading materials a few months back, but I feel like I'm finding my grove again (so hopefully that means a book list in the future!).  Collections seems to be the word on the street here and anything with at least five stories in it he likes to sit down and hear.

Just So Stories
Okay, we've been listening to these for Just So Stories, but it counts!
Usborne Books & More. Stories from Around the World for Little Children

My Book House, Volumes 1-12 Volume 2: Story Time is wonderful.  I hadn't been using Volume 1 very much, but finally thought to see what Volume 2 contained and it was just what we needed.  This has gotten me thinking a lot about the types of stories we give our children as examples.

Hoping to get a couple of these collections with some Usborne credit I've been saving next month.

I just started back to focusing on music in the home again after noticing that My Book House recommends classical and folk songs in the footnote/small print.

We've been enjoying

Schumann's "Album for the Young"

Beethoven Lives Upstairs
And that's what we've been up to recently!
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