Monday, July 6, 2015

Summer-y Reads

Summer, the perfect time to do nothing at all.  Some of my best summer memories are a curled up in a cabin or on a porch just reading.... Black Beauty, scary stories, passing Nancy Drews back and forth with my cousin, going over stargazing and tree field guides for no real reason.

Here are a few picture books we're enjoying this summer, along with a few favorite longer reads for read aloud or older kids.  Plus some of my favorite field guides for kids and adults.  I really can't recommend the writings of John Muir enough - he was the founder of the Sierra Club and did so much to build the Nation Parks system we know and love today, his writings make you eager for the next sunny day and to see what adventures are around you - whether it's his stories as picture books or his writings for adults, they're really amazing.


Monday, June 29, 2015

How Does Your Garden Grow?

I swear I did not choose to do a garden update in favor of ignoring the clean up from our gaming party on Saturday...

Will someone please put it on their calendar to remind me to go in to next years gardening with something resembling a plan?

Just today I pulled up some "green onions" and sowed some carrots there, and in a row between some other onions, and were I had pulled up some spinach, along side where I sowed some new spinach seed (for a hopeful fall crop).  I also thru out some peas along the trellis because why not?

I'm still just hoping that the deer will hold off eating broccoli long enough to let us get a few heads or that the potatoes make up for all of it.

I grabbed a few pots of mixed lettuces to put down just because I craving some instant gardening satisfaction.

Luckily, that black raspberry bush at my parents has been really producing and I think Henry has eaten enough to fill his Vitamin C requirement for the year and our little patch of regular raspberries are just starting to turn.  We'll probably get a small bowl full, which is up from last years small handful.  If the first year stalks are any sign next year should be a good year - in fact I'm thinking of extending that garden bed along the side fence to make more room.

Taking Cari's advice I doused everything with Garden Dust and Liquid fence this week so we'll see how it goes and all put down a little organic soil enhancer around the plants to see if I can encourage them to thrive a bit more.

But hey, if nothing else - we're now proud owners of a plastic flamingo.  So that must mean we've arrived?

Now I'm just planning a few more outdoor escapades before the weather gets unbearable and then I'll - yes, I can't believe I'm saying thing - start thinking about the holiday crafting during July and August when you need something to do indoors.  I'd like to get that all planned a squared away, and ideally started before the end of August.
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