Thursday, May 31, 2012

 We had a pretty "cool" memorial weekend

 We've been giving lots of hugs

 Sitting at the big people table

Stuffing our self with watermelon

And taking lots of naps.

We're still waiting for our zoo pictures, but we've noticed something in the few we've seen - Mommy needs to get some sun; she blends in with the pavement in more than one picture.  =(

Monday, May 28, 2012


Sorry for the delay - we've been out enjoying the weather and the holiday weekend.  We traveled to to two sets of relatives and home over 3 days, and of course I forgot my camera so I'm patiently waiting for some downloads to reach me so I can share some of the fun!

Summer is about to kick off in full swing around here. 

Music and movies in the parks and downtown have already started and we've got some penciled in that we're hoping to enjoy.

The pools open in a few days and Henry and I are signed up for a months worth of swimming lessons.

Our 16 week CSA starts in a few weeks and hopefully a few things in the garden will be on it's way as well (Note to self plant fewer things that won't be ready until August/September).

The annual Mennonite Relief Sale is this weekend - walking tacos and strawberry pie are on the horizon - which, besides the food, means I'll be spending a couple hours gazing longingly at quilts I'll never afford or be skilled enough to make.  le sigh.

Right now I'm so thankful to live in an area that offers so much free/affordable entertainment in the warm months.  Within the next couple months we've got the Relief Sale, Arts Festival, Jazz Fest, the County Fair, Sand in the City, A Quilt Fest, Book Festival, Taste of Iowa City and that's not mentioning the weekly outdoor music and regular outdoor movie events, markets and farmers markets.  And that's just in Iowa City, there are more activities all summer long in neighboring Coralville, Kalona, the Amanas, Mount Pleasant, etc. (And let's not forget our "grand state fair".)

Who says there's nothing to do in the mid-west?  I think I just need dub this the summer "Awesome-Fest".

Memorial Day

My Grandfather, Arlo Taylor, Veteran of WWII.  In the photo above he's posing after a dip in Mussolini's Swimming Pool after they liberated Rome.

He was a Telephone Operator for the 151st Field Artillery Battalion and the 34th "Red Bull" Division.

A farm boy from Southeast Iowa.

He fought in Northern Africa and Italy.

He refused a Purple Heart for a shrapnel wound to the leg in Italy.

He told the officer in charge to "Give it to someone who deserved it more".

He lived to return to Iowa, get married have two sons and one granddaughter.

We believe he was Bipolar, which worsened after his return from the war, his odd and erratic behavior clouding many memories we have of him.

However, he was kind to everyone, tolerant regardless of race or sexuality before it was socially accepted to do so.

When he died he had my school pictures in his wallet.

It wasn't until high school that I found his photo albums from his time in the war.

These pictures gave me the first insight into the man my Grandfather really was, not what a mental disease turned him into.

My Grandfather, on the right, and two of his handsome buddies acting all serious in Italy.

Here are few more of my favorites -
On the back my Grandfather (the one on the far right) wrote "Lined up to wash our mess kits just outside the kitchen. We line up to do everything. No, the sweater isn't G.I. but I get by wearing it."

I kind of want to make a sweater like that.

On the back was written.

"Oct. 42 "Tiger" Luther the smallest fellow in the Btry with gas mask, gas cape and brush knives, Jack cannon(?) on right"

Just goofin' around.

"Sept 42 My afternoon off know my girl."

The mystery is we don't know who his sweetheart was in 1942.

{A repost from last year - I believe it's still an important post to share.  Don't forget those who never came home and those who came home as different people.} - Molly 5/29/12

Monday, May 21, 2012

Another marriage tid-bit

"The only disappointing thing about marriage so far is the fact that you have not become psychic.  Not in a 'you can read every thought' kind of way, but more like 'oh, my spidey-sense is tingling... I think she wants me to clean the kitchen.'  That would be awesome."

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Four Married Lessons

Today we've been married for four years, we been a couple for six and known each other for eight.  I'm definitely not the girl who was so scared on her wedding day - I've made some mistakes and done a lot of growing up and I still have a long way to go.  There are definitely life lessons I've picked up so far; a little list of reminders for myself and advice for those around me.

1. It's never too late to grow up and act your age; but the sooner the better.

2. But don't lose your sense of humor it's all you'll have to get you through some days.

3. Marry someone who you'll still think of as your best friend when the flame burns low.

4.  A good marriage is not found in the dollar section; it's not meant to be used up, thrown away and easily replaced.  It is something that is worth the investment of your time, sweat and tears and sometimes, like anything worth salvaging, you have to be willing to take it all apart, strip it down to the bones, clean it out and put it back together again.

"Life's a happy song, when there's someone by your side to sing along."

I'm glad to have someone who isn't ashamed to break into spontaneous musical numbers in the kitchen by my side.

Monday, May 14, 2012


Our family doctor is a bit hung up on Henry not being much of a talker.  I'm really not concerned, at all, but I'll humor her.  So for the next 3 months, until our next check up, I've decided to focus on getting Henry to clearly say 5 words and they are as follows

1.  Cat

2.  Dog

3.  Cup

4.  Mama

5.  Micropachycephalosaurus.

*Thanks for all the sweet words this weekend, I'm glad everyone liked my Mother's Day post and we're totally on the mend here - though it's a lie that adults can't get full-blown HFM (those blisters are annoying!).*

*Micropachycephalosaurus means small thick headed lizard - do you think my pediatrician will get the point?*

Friday, May 11, 2012

You are a Good Mother

Please make a check next to every item one this list that pertains to you.  At the end of the test we'll tally the results and give you a definitive answer of what kind of mother you are.

  • I am pregnant.
  • I've miscarried.
  • My children are fostered.
  • My children are adopted.
  • I want to be a mother.
  • I help with another persons child.
  • I'm the mother of one.
  • I'm the mother of many.
  • I'm the mother of multiples.
  • My children are one after the other.
  • My children are spaced out.
  • My children are young.
  • My children are older.
  • My children are breastfed.
  • My children are bottle-fed.
  • My children were delivered naturally.
  • I had a c-section.
  • I had no pain meds.
  • I did.
  • I birthed in a hospital.
  • I birthed at home.
  • I baby-carried.
  • I preferred a stroller.
  • I stay at home.
  • I work at home.
  • I work away from home.
  • My children are healthy.
  • My children are not.
  • My children wore cloth.
  • My children wore disposables.
  • I did EC.
  • I only cook from scratch.
  • My children have eaten a Kid's Meal.
  • My children excel at something.
  • My children are still figuring it out.
  • My children struggle.
  • My children have special needs.
  • My children walked early.
  • My children walked later.
  • My children talked early.
  • My children talked later.
  • My children go to public school.
  • My children go to private school.
  • I can afford to give my children everything.
  • I can't.
  • My children are always perfect.
  • My children try my patience.
  • Sometimes I need time by myself.
  • I never want to be away from my children.
  • My children watch TV.
  • My children don't.
  • My children love being outside.
  • My children don't.
  • My children were planned.
  • My children weren't.
  • My children have a traditional life.
  • My children don't.
  • I love my children.

Okay now it's time to tally up the results:

found via pinterest.

If you checked off even one item on this list you are a Good Mother.

You are a Good Mother because there is no such thing as a Perfect Mother.  Every Good Mother has their strengths and weakness; their good days and bad days.  It doesn't matter if you do things the same as your mother or differently than the next door neighbor because I believe that you're doing what you believe is best for your children and your family and that is what is important.

So this Mother's Day celebrate, the way you want to, that you're a Good Mother and take a moment to give your fellow Good Mother's a pat on the back, a little encouragement and a lot of support.  We're all in this messy, exciting and terrifying moment in our lives together and we all deserve to be told that we're Good Mothers.

And to you, my friend, who is a Good Mother and this is for you.  Please feel free to use it yourself and share it with someone who deserves to be told that they are a Good Mother.

molly makes do

Thursday, May 10, 2012

On the Mend

I was really hoping to be able to post that everyone is on the mend and feeling better, but then 5:30 p.m. yesterday hit and I've been reeling ever since.  Long story short it looks like my little guy was nice enough to pass on the adult version of his HFM to mommy just in time for Mother's Day (I have to admit I was hoping for noodle art and a dutch oven) and so I'm out of commission until the fever breaks. However, Dad had just got some Family Medical Leave time approved at work so he's taking over mommy, daddy and sick baby care duties right now, what-a-guy!

Sick baby aside we really did fit in some nice times over the last few days - I dried most of our laundry outside, tried out a few new recipes, seen our beans pop out of the ground and had lots of cuddles.  Plus Henry has finally attached himself to a toy (a dalmatian beeny baby we found at the consignment shop) and it's adorable to see him walk around with a death-grip on "Dog-Dog"'s neck.  Pictures forth coming.

A Big thanks to Stacy @ A Delightful Home was kind enough to feature my post on "A Kitchen Basket" for this weeks "Your Green Resource"   

You can also Follow "Your Green Resource" @ SortaCrunchy, The Greenbacks Gal and Lived Renewed

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A quick little...

... hello!  Just popping in to say a quick hi!  We're getting in extra cuddles right now as we're in the middle of another round of teething and of course caught a bug from a friend at daycare at the same time.  Let me tell you this little guy can go from zero to wailing on the floor in about 3 seconds.  But, it's all good.  Lots of deep breathing and just being near by is what's working for now.

Be back when things are a little more (or maybe less) exciting!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Kitchen Basket

Oh the joy of things of your own.  Namely things that the big people use that are just for you.

If you haven't noticed we're rather big fans of the Montessori ideas of childhood education around here - while I'm no expert and it's not an all encompassing part of our lives I do enjoy taking the bits and pieces that inspire me to create a more stimulating home environment.

Right now Henry is just entering into the stage of development when Montessori-ans really start pushing "Practical Life" - which in a nutshell is teaching children to develop skills and habits that will serve them in becoming independent children and adults.  "Practical Life" can be anything from pour water into a glass, to picking out your clothes and helping in the kitchen.

Henry has been getting increasingly interested in what's going on in the kitchen, particularly what I'm doing over the counter-tops.  To help encourage curiosity, but limit run-ins with hot or sharp items (until his understanding of key words is a little more developed) I made him his own "Kitchen Basket".


Thanks to an amazing thrifting score I got everything here in one swoop.

Montessori principle encourages children to use real materials from a young age - to help learn care and other good behaviors.  I went with this idea while picking out his materials.  The basket includes wood, enamelware and various type of real dishware (it has some heft to it and makes quite a bit of noise when dropped).  Honestly I kid of want the salt shakers and the enamel bowls for myself

All and all I think I spent the same on everything (basket included) for about what it would have cost to get this lovely set from NovaNaturals (oh so lovely though).  The run down of the basket is 3 enamel mixing bowls, 2 wooden bowls, 2 china bowls, 2 china plates, 2 china cups, a mix of smaller kitchen utensils and a set of wooden salt and pepper shakers.


On first use they bowls and things were mainly used like a new set of blocks, but we did have a chance to share a little bit of make believe - getting him to stir the bowl and eat some imaginary food.  However it's the future fun that we're sure to have that is what's most important.

Do you do anything like this?  Big on play kitchens and pretend?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


 {in progress}

 {one almost finished Hermione Sock}

 {the beginnings of a Paulie sweater}

{Hermione in progress}

Guest Posting

Head on over to The Lone Home Ranger to read a post I wrote on why living simply isn't simple.  Enjoy!  And thanks Justine for the chance to guest post!

the lone home ranger
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