Monday, December 7, 2015

St. Nicholas Arrives

St. Nicholas has arrived.  I'm really liking what our St. Nicholas traditions are becoming.  What was once just gifts of pretty wooden animal toys has become an intentional filling of the manger.  "Santa" is planning on surprising Henry with a Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus this year on Christmas when we fill up the barn with "good deed" straw.

I'm really hoping my advent story collection that I picked out this year is a good one.  We'll dive into that tonight.

We managed to get to school with only one chocolate eaten - pretty good by our standards.

And this year St. Nicholas left a letter telling Henry that he's doing a good job learning to be good, and suggesting a few spots that Jesus would like him to improve on (eating dinner and being good at church).  It ended with a suggestion to go through our toys and give some away and he left three "Giving Coins" for Henry to give away to other people.

And so we march forward - more cleaning, a little more planning - always something to do around here.  =)

**I get my wooden toys from here.  If you email them they can send you their full list of items which is fantastic**


  1. I'm really enjoying seeing all these posts about how everyone celebrates St. Nicholas Day! So fun! And I love those little animals, so cute.

  2. Very sweet. We ended up with a stomach bug this weekend and I completely forgot St. Nicholas' Day amid all the horror that entailed until well into Sunday morning. Luckily, and through extreme feats of stealthiness, the kids found a garbage bag on the front porch with their Christmas books and gold coins tied up inside along with a note from St. Nick telling them to get better soon. Not quite as picturesque as I'd envisioned. I told the boys he must have been worried about spreading their germs :)


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