Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A St. Nicholas Lesson

My 7th grade Religious Education stuents picked St. Nicholas as our patron Saint for the year, and with his feast day coming up I wanted to do something special.  So today I put together a little goody bag of St. Nick related things for them.


  • An Orange: A Traditional gift symbolizing St. Nicholas' giving of gold.
  • Candy Canes:  Representing his Bishops "crozier" or staff.
  • A Prayer Card: Because... Catholic.
  • Candy Santa:  Because.... I get to send them home once they're sugared up.
  • Chocolate Gold Coins: A Traditional St. Nicholas gift, symbolizing the gold he left to save 3 poor girls from slavery
  • A Band-Aid:  Because sometimes you get a little over-zealous defending your faith.

Our St. Nicholas approves.

The last thing I have for them, not shown, is a Gold Sacajawea Dollar.  I plan on giving them these at the end of class with the rule that the coins are not for them to keep.  They must find some way to give it away, secretly, before Christmas.  They can help a friend buy lunch or putting in the offering basket or the Salvation Army kettle or leave it as part of a tip if their family goes out to eat, but the rule is they can't tell anyone about it.  St. Nicholas gave his giving in secret because he knew that getting recognition for good deeds isn't what's important and I want to give them the opportunity, even if it's just a dollar coin, to feel what it's like to give with no expectation of receiving anything back.


  1. That is such a great Saint Nicholas goody bag. I love the gold coin lesson. I hope they do it!!

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  2. Aw! Those are great ideas, a great lesson!

  3. Love the coin idea! I remember thinking I wanted to put one of those gold dollar coins in the boys' shoes before but the idea of requiring that they give it away is even better!

  4. So awesome- great lessons, I wish all RE classes could experience this!

  5. Haha the Band-Aid is great :) I also love the idea of the gold dollar for them to secretly give away!


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