Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Edel Skirt


 Why, you ask, is it called the Edel Skirt?  Well for starters I thought it'd be a lot of fun to name my creations after saints - because, why not?  But more specifically this is the Edel skirt because sometimes you loose your see-thru quilting ruler and use a specific photo booth picture to help you measure out a few distances.

But more about the skirt and less about my questionable measuring practices.

The Details:

Fabric:  Some kind of cotton denim, but probably a synthetic blend.
Cost: $2, thanks a perfectly timed garage sale
Pattern:  I used the skirt from this pattern (this is the same pattern I used to make the top of last weeks dress).
Notes: While I used the pattern for the shape I first tried to gather it all the way around and it just looked poofy and wrong, then I tried pleating it and again - wrong.  Then I tried some more intentional gathers leaving the center front and sides (exactly one Edel Gathering picture wide on each side ;) ) smooth and bingo.  I also managed to make this a little bit a little big just like my last dress and skirt - thank you female body that changes shape each week - so on this one I added a little elastic to the back to help keep it snug without redoing the whole thing.
Feelings:  I love this skirt!  I feel great in it and it goes with a ton of things in my closet.  In fact, it rescued to "dresses" from the donation pile.  The "shirt" I'm wearing above is actually a Forever 21 dress that I love, but sadly quickly went from "flirty" to "only acceptable if you're a tap dancer and six years old" short in the wash; but it works as a top now!  Same goes for a pretty little floral dress that I have where I love the top, but hate the length.  Now I have two perfect tops for this skirt with built in slips.

 I have one more dress I cut out using the bodice from the New Look 6587 and then I'm done with this pattern.  It was fine for a cheap buy to get my fingers back in the groove, but it has some serious construction issues and I'm ready to move on to something a bit better.  Ironically I'm used to making my own patterns and figuring out construction - but still not very skilled at figuring out premade patterns, particularly when it comes to figuring out finished size.  But luckily these first couple projects came in at a steal of a price - lots of fabric bought for a few dollars at thrift stores or garage sales and it's the perfect was to figure these things out.

Next up - a shirt!

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  1. I'm so impressed. I wish I could sit with you and absorb how to modify a pattern or improvise- I'm great at improvising on piano and in life in general, but I lack improvisational sewing experience!

  2. Love! When you find a good pattern for a full skirt with pockets, let me know! I made one from a tutorial online but got foiled by the pockets so I skipped them and wish I hadn't!!! I need a real pattern to walk me through it but I have no idea how to tell if a pattern is good or not... And I need elastic waist because my body changes weekly, too!

  3. Bravo! You and the skirt both look fantastic :)

    1. p.s. I love the name and the story that goes with it.

  4. I wish I could create patterns as easily as you! its adorable!

  5. Oh! How wonderful! I think it would look great with that Clare top, too.


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