Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Clare Blouse

 May I introduce you to Clare?  She's a sweet simple little top, but I do love her.

The Details:

Fabric:  A Cotton Lawn I believe
Cost:  $0, I picked this up as a scrap from a theatre I worked at before Henry was born.  There was just enough for a little shirt.
Pattern:  New Look 6344
Notes:  I love the way this shirt turned out, but it owes a lot for shrinking a bit after being was when it was done.  Just like the green dress this pattern is ridiculously large around the back for me.  I could easily take out three inches up the center back.  It was a quick sew though and I was so happy that I had just enough fabric to make my own bias binding for around the arms and neck - and the pattern was just perfect that the little flowers ran centered through the binding.
Feelings:  I'm pretty sure I love this shirt - though if I made it again I'd have to adjust the pattern from this shirt as it is now because of the change in size.

And a big thank you to Christy for giving me a few photography tips - we took advantage of a cloudy day and I'm happy to see my skin is no longer nearly as "Sparkly Vampire" white as it was in those first pictures.  Now on to that haircut and a fresh box of color!  And much love to my husband who insist that the camera doesn't do me justice.... oh for the skill of being photogenic.

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  1. Aw, so glad it helped! I've got big Girlfriend Envy of that entire outfit!

  2. Come sew with me! I will provide the Dr. Pepper! This outfit is perfect. If I saw you out and about I would think to myself "I wish I looked that pulled together." xo

  3. This is so cute! You look adorable! I love it with the grey pants too!

    1. Thanks! Got love a consignment shop score of Banana Republic pants! =D

  4. Oh my goodness! That too is adorable! So flattering! And I think you look beautiful, Molly. 😀

  5. You look so cute Molly! I love it!

  6. Oh it's lovely - hurrah for some serendipitous shrinkage!

  7. So lovely! It makes me want to get on learning to sew!


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