Monday, April 13, 2015

What a Difference a Day Makes

Sowed two types of Columbine seed around the base of this tree.
Raspberry corner.  Sowed a few pockets of Columbines in front of the gating.  Already have volunteer Columbines from the neighbors garden coming up.  Still needs weeding.

Spray painted about 60% of the trellis.  Planted Hyacinths in front; Sunflowers will be put in the corner behind it.  Morning glories planted to climb trellis.  Wine barrel tubs will either have tomatoes or just left with soil so the kids have somewhere to dig.

These smell so good.

Went ahead and got the garden beds started.  Spinach on the left.  Three types (three mounds each) of different color fingerling potatoes).

Front garden bed:  Broccoli in back.  White onions in front (two rows for cutting, two tightly spaced rows for green onions)
Back garden bed:  More broccoli in back, red onions in front.

Daffodils and Tulips (reds, orange and varigated) spaced along curve.  Butter fly bush seed planted.

Trying to fix our drainage problem, need to move more rock on new top soi.  Hollyhocks planted to the left of stone wall.

Friday will be a mulch and weeding day, family style.  And then a little wait until May and it's warm enough to lay down the rest of the flower seed.

I think, except for the possible tomato plant, carrots and maybe a few pockets of basil, I think the vegetable garden is pretty well set until the onions can be the pulled the broccoli is done for the season.  I'll probably see what fall veggies I can start when those start coming up, but broccoli, onion, spinach and potatoes serves us quite well.

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  1. Garden tours make me even more giddy than house tours. Love all that you did- can't wait to see it in a couple months!


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