Sunday, March 22, 2015

Still Life With Ray Guns

The squirt guns really have nothing to do with this other than my sincere wish that it finally warms up and stays that way.  We got a hint of beautiful weather last week and then the temperatures dropped again.  Something knit, but in more spring like colors, was in order so I pulled out my Vberry yarn in the Sherlock themed "The Game's .....Something" colorway (worsted weight).  It was delightful and there was just enough for a pair of mitts and a nice cowl.

The mitts are a favorite from the book Weekend Knitting .  The cowl pattern is the Cobbled Cowl from Annie Yarn.

  and the KCCO over at Frontier Dreams


  1. These turned out so pretty! I love this yarn!

  2. Super fun colorway! I am annoyed with the weather right now too. I am ready for steady warm, not this up and down stuff!

    1. I woke up to ice coating our car on Monday! Ice! I'm hoping next weeks desperate trip to get seeds, onions and potatoes to plant will finally convince the weather to get it's act together!

  3. I love the colorway! So fun and cheery! I hope spring comes to you for good soon!

  4. Those look lovely and cozy - I love the muted colours!

  5. Also wishing it would warm up and stay that way. Love your knits....the colorway is beautiful. I'm going to check out that mitts pattern.


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