Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Great Dragon Party

Finally, on the fourth one I feel I've gotten the hang of this - even though I feel like I went a bit more overboard than I had intended.  Oh well - not to be too cynical, but I honestly can't know if I'll ever have another 4th birthday party to host, so go big or go home I guess.

It's a running joke in our family about how I tend to over provide food at get together's and this time I think I balanced it just right.  A few selections of the boys favorites snacks, his favorite pizza delivered and I still have leftovers!  However, it felt so wrong leaving the grocery store with just a couple bags of Cheetos and treats and not a big spread.

We had plans to take the family bowling for the party, but the birthday boy woke up that morning with a headcold that morning so we just staid in.  The majority of my pictures involve someone wiping their nose; sometimes it was even on a kleenex.  He had a sleep over at Grandma's the night before so we could clean and I will say it was fun to surprise him with the set up that morning.

This kiddo is pretty blessed with some awesome and thoughtful family who make these days special.

The Playmobil people and most of the little dragons around the food were birthday presents, but the things on the mantle, swords and trees were from the toy box.  I have to say that I'm pretty happy with the mantle banner - I put the sticky letters on pre-cut pennants and it actually turned out just like I wanted.


  1. Toothless!!!

    Looks like a great party! :) And if you enjoyed putting it together then why worry about whether it was "overboard"? :)

  2. I love it! Sadie's been super into How to Train Your Dragon and after watching it many times in the last few weeks I love seeing all the little dragons (apparently she's sucked me in!)! It looks perfect and I bet he loved it when he saw it in the morning!

  3. Very cute! I miss my son being so little :-( The very best birthday gift I ever gave him was a Playmobil castle with a dragon. The thing had about 5 million pieces and cost a ridiculous amount of money, but he played with it almost daily until he was 12, so it was worth it. I love the banner! Also, it looks like just the right amount of work put in for the party. It is crazy cute without being over-the-top hard to put together! Happy birthday to your son!

  4. Love this! Such a festive celebration. Using the gifts as decor is awesome. Happy birthday sweet boy.

  5. Wow! I love this. What a very lucky little boy :)

  6. I love this!!! My kind of party! A kid after my own heart! Oh, and I never complain about an over-abundance of food and always go all-out for my parties and get-togethers. I get it!


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