Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sheenazing Quotes

You know I love a good quote, and right now with the Sheenazing Awards going on I though it was a good opportunity to introduce you to a few of my favorites, because come on... we're talking about an amazing, miracle praying for guy here not just an (awesome) award.

Just so you know MMD is in the running for Most Inspiring, Smartest and Best Under-appreciated (3rd year running in this category, let's make my last!).

You can go here to vote for me, or who ever you want to over at A Knotted Life!  And while you're there reacquaint yourself with his cause for canonization!


  1. The second quote is so you, Molly! You and Sheen will certainly bond over books!

  2. That second about books? SO True!!

  3. Thanks for really embracing the spirit of the awards and sharing Sheen with more people. <3

  4. That last quote is my favorite.

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