Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hibernation Daybook: Sounds

I still feel like I'm in hibernation mode (have I mentioned how much I actually adore January just for this reason), but I haven't been asleep.  Just doing all those fun indoor things with the family.

There's quite a lovely cacophony joining me most days, whether it's making dinner or keeping me company on long work days in the vault.

I love listening to my friends chitchat the day away so I've been making my way slowly through Haley and Christy's podcast.

I've discovered Bearheart recently on Noisetrade and have just been loving them.  Hoping a full length album is in the works!  I highly recommend "You".

My Love Good Music subscription has yet to disappoint.  I've been singing along to Drew Holcomb's latest (which we already have thanks to LGM and their digital file!)

Also thanks to Noisetrade I've heard there's a new The Vespers album on it's way and I just can't wait.

What lovely noises have been filling your house recently?

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