Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Sitting with Each Other

Earlier this month I shared on the MMD Facebook page that I was starting out the Advent season a bit melancholy.  Most days are fine, but then others I feel the weight of our losses and fertility struggles a bit to keenly.

My friend Laura, from Mothering Spirit, wrote these words on the post:

"Maybe that is much of why we need Advent: to sit with each other in this darkest season of the year."

Within days of that post so many things happened: more losses, more bad news.  Yet, I couldn't help but think of Laura's words.  I have spent many of my Advent days away from here; sitting and waiting for others.

Sitting with Kathleen and Felix.

Sitting with Mary and Courtney.

Sitting with Jennifer and Cecilia.

Sitting with other friends and families whose stories and a struggles are more private.

Please friends know that we're sitting with you through your darkest season.

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