Thursday, November 13, 2014

Martinmas Knits

I had to start back in August, but I got them all done!  It was an ambitious year in terms of knitting, but the timing was excellent.  Our first arctic blast of the season rolled in on Martinmas itself and we were all a little happy to have these things ready to go.  This year everyone got a pair of fingerless gloves and a cowl.

 Gloves:  Trigger Gloves.  I think I've made 3 pairs of this pattern so far, it's just about perfect for us
Cowl: Slip Stitch Cowl.  Simple, quick and warm.

 Gloves:  Changing Season Mitts.  These are perfect to slip over those cheap gloves you get at the store for extra warmth.  I think next time I'll change the division of purl and knit stitches around the palm and it could use a couple cast on stitches when joining around the thumb, but other than that a solid pattern

 Gloves: Fingerless Mitts from Weekend Knitting:
Cowl:  No pattern, just did a moss stitch in the round

Next year... I'm thinking socks.

Grey Gloves:  Shalimar Yarns - Zoe Sock in Wisteria (from my April Knit Crate)
Black/Red Cowl:  Louisa Harding Yarns - Akiko
Blue/Yellow Cowl:  Can't find tag, but it's amazing yarn I'll update when I find it.
Green Cowl: Leftovers from previous project, not sure name of yarn
Green Mitts:  Pattons Classic Wool Worsted in Jade Heather

If you're a knitter I do highly recommend Knit Crate - I get a bi-monthly sock crate and it's been fantastic - the extras are amazing and the yarn has always been top notch.


  1. Martinmas knits ... is this a tradition?? I love it!! Maybe I can ask for a Knit Crate subscription for Christmas ... :)

    1. It's a new tradition - can't say it'll always be handmades, but it's the perfect time of year where we live to make sure we have enough warm gear for the winter and to go through outgrown or worn out stuff.

  2. YOU ARE AMAZING. I can't even imagine being capable of something like this. You rock!!

    1. I can't make people, but I can make gloves! (don't worry I say this with a big ol' silly laugh)

  3. I love this tradition! I might need to borrow it for next year. The gloves all turned out so beautifully. And the slip-stitch cowl looks really nice!

    1. I was wearing mine today - very, very warm!

  4. I don't want to have to relearn how to knit...but I keep coming back to look at your beautiful


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