Thursday, November 20, 2014

Great Gifts For Geeky Guys {and Girls}

I'll let you in on a little secret.... I married a geek.  Like RPG loving, Marvel Universe knowing, watches Cosmos for fun geek.  And I'll let you in on a little secret - he married one too.  A Miyazaki loving, Graphic Novel reading, Geek-craft making geek.  We have so much fun together.  There's always something new to discover or sink or teeth into and date nights are often spent analyzing or predicting the plot of the most recent fantasy or sci-fi series.

Personally, I think geeks are the most fun to buy for because we love things so completely and there's always a new edition or version coming out to entice us.

This year I went super geeky for the gifts for my husband and I just can't wait to see his reaction to it all.  I thought I'd share some of my favorite finds with you guys in case anyone is struggling to come up with a Christmas present for a favorite geeky person.  {Note:  If you see an * next to a store name that means I've personally purchased something from this store and am happy with my transaction.  If not I have NOT purchased directly from them, I just think they have a cool product and ask you use your own discretion when ordering}

For all your Geek Gardeners 
(this might be on my! Christmas List)
*NOTE*  The owner of Oohhh, Burn is currently out with a back injury so the store is temporarially closed.  She hopes to be back on her feet before the holidays.  Now is a good time to "favorite" her shop and keep up to date when it re-opens!

Comes in Harry Potter, World of War Craft, Firefly, Sherlock and so many more!

Tardis Jewelry 

Etched Glassware 
Comes in LOTR, World of Warcraft, Avatar: The Last Airbender and many more!

"Got To Fly" Music Inspired by Firefly and Battlestar Galactica 
by Marian Call*

Just about anything from


Steve Jackson Games, a favorite at our home.

Geek Inspired Yarns (Labyrinth: Through Dangers Untold) by
V Yarn

Doctor Who Cross Stitch Samplers
by cloudsfactory

I might have expanded my Christmas List a little just making this.

** I have not been reimbursed or given product by any of the stores mentioned, opinions are 100% my own.  I am an Affiliate with and **

All pictures and ideas are the property of the individual stores and I take no credit for the photographs or the awesomely clever ideas.


  1. I married a RPG geek too! I'm more of a Chronicles of Narnia geek :)

  2. Eek!!! Christmas presents for my husband, oldest daughter, and me!!! :)

    1. Thank you for supporting awesome small businesses!

  3. Hah! I'm also married to a geek and have become a geek convert (watching two star trek series will do that to you). I love this list!

  4. That cross stitch is the best! My Christmas wish list just expanded.

    1. I know! I'm totally expanding my geek craft experience after the holidays =)

  5. This may be the best Christmas gift list I have ever seen!!

    1. Thank you =D There are some people making some great stuff out there!

  6. Nice Blog!!!
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    geek gifts


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