Friday, August 15, 2014


Thank you everyone for all the love and support. I've been wondering why I've been sharing all of this recently, but the outpouring of support and appreciation for having my experience "out there" for others going through the same is a good reminder why some of us feel called to share.

I go in this morning, and I will always appreciate the prayers, but I have been asking my friends in other groups to do me a favor. When and if you say a prayer for me and my family please include those who've lost children to violence and terrorism recently; including our own country and particularly the people of Iraq. The passing of this little one feels so merciful compared to the reports of so many atrocities.

Pray with me for the comfort of grieving mothers and for the reuniting and healing of families everywhere.


  1. Even in your grief, you have a beautiful and generous soul, Molly. I'll certainly add your intentions to my prayers for you today.

  2. Hi Molly. I recently started reading your blog. Feel like I am intruding to step into such a difficult time for you. I recently had a miscarriage myself though so I wanted to comment and wish you healing and peace. Prayers to you.


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