Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The One About the Relic and the Goodwill Store

Yesterday I had a few minutes to myself so I stopped at our local Goodwill to look for some "crazy" shoes for the Edel conference.  Like any good thrift store run you always leave with a little more than you were look for.   This day was no different, I came home with

 and books
 and more books....
okay this find was enough to make my day originally

And then I went home.

Boring story right?  Except that when I got home I jumped online and jokingly mentioned to some friends that I had found an interesting book at the store, but had not bought it.  I was expecting a laugh or two, but instead I was suddenly inundated with replies "Go back and get it!"  "Buy it!  If you don't want it I'll take it!" and at least one claim of hyperventilation.

Caught up in the excitement I climbed back in the car and drove back to the store where this book was still sitting on the shelf where I had left it.

But, what was so special about this book you ask that caused mass Facebook hysteria and hyperventilation you ask?

It has something to do with what was written in the cover.

June 19, 2002  Blessed and touched by Padre Pio's glove at Our Lady of Grace Church at San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy
Sitting on the shelves of the Goodwill was a third class relic.

Pretty amazing to beginning with, but then I dug a little deeper.

Padre Pio was declared a Saint on June 16th, 2002.  This was blessed and made a relic three days later at the church which houses his shrine.

The day of my fortuitous Goodwill trip?

June 16th.

*I know there's issues over the buying of relics.  For now I'll maintain that I was not "shopping" for a relic, and that the Goodwill did not understand that it was selling something other than a normal book.  If nothing else I was "rescuing" the item after discovering what it was, but will be looking into any further steps I need to take to make legitimate and correct.  Any advice as to what to do with it is appreciated."


  1. So so so so cool! We love Padre Pio so much! Our son is named after him :) Awesome find! Very epic!

  2. That is awesome! What a cool find. The American Girl books don't hurt, either. ;)

  3. Oh, chills! So cool!! Saint Pio, pray for Molly and us!

  4. I would say that you've saved a relic from potential ruin. Now it will be where it belongs - in the home of one of the faithful, instead of gathering dust at Goodwill!

  5. That's awesome! Thrifting for the win!

  6. What an incredible story. I am so glad you rescued it!

  7. That's right! You buy it and you brag about it to all your Catholic friends!!!!! (Putting away my paper bag.)

  8. I'm glad you got it. It shouldn't be sitting on a shelf or shipped off to a recycling bin when no one else purchased it.

  9. Molly this is so cool...talk about a treasure found! Once at a book club with other women I was able to venerate a pair of gloves that belonged to St. Gianna, crazy cool stuff!

  10. Yes, you rescued it! Such a cool story.

  11. No Greater Love was key to my conversion <3


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