Monday, June 2, 2014

Coming Back

Forgive my absence - after a long winter we've been enjoying our time outside over the last month or so, including a small vacation this last weekend.  Life has just been keeping me busy, nothing "exciting" to report just the plain truth that my experiment with my website blocker means that more often than not my moments for blogging coincide with the times I've designated as "no internet" times. 

My garden had a few nice surprised for me after being gone for 5 days even though I did jump out of the car to immediate water a few things when we got home.


A jungle of potatoes.

I've enlisted the help of some of our statuaries to help fend off the chipmunks and squirrels.  It's working so far.


  1. YOUR GARDEN! It looks amazing! It's way further along than ours. Tomatoes already on the vine?! And goodness, those carnations. Glad to hear you've been having a good summer.

    1. So far so good - it really took off while we were gone!

    2. Wait: peonies. Those are peonies, aren't they? I've been out of the flower zone for a while.

  2. Such a beautiful garden! I haven't gotten anything planted yet :( I am hoping to find some time this week. Looks like I am going to have to buy the big plants at the garden center so I will have produce before winter!

  3. Your garden looks wonderful! Hopefully you have better luck than me :)

  4. Your garden looks great! Especially after your complaints about the rain...considering someone just planted seeds today....not me of course....

  5. Tomatoes! Already! And I love the fox idea to scare away the chipmunks. i'm going to try it.
    Your peonies are gorgeous, by the way.


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