Friday, March 28, 2014

Money Tight Montessori: Homemade Color Activities.

Thank goodness for Kathleen's post this week to remind me that I had a couple half-finished Montessori projects waiting for me to get back to them!

These projects were quick and easy to make (even if I got a little lazy in the middle because my craft store only keep two packages of the wood rectangles on the shelf at a time).

Color Clips-

Simply just identical Pantone paint swatches (the biggest at our Lowes) cut out.  The smaller of the cut-outs were glued on to the top of clothespins we already had.

 Homemade Montessori Color Tablets:
Will eventually be a full set like this

Paint swatches from the hardware store (free), cut and Modge-Podged to wood rectangles.

We'll be using these at home along with this book for some basic ideas.  Have you done in any fun Montessori projects lately?


  1. I jumped for joy when I saw your post title because I was just thinking about how even though most of the supplies I see in Montessori posts are cheap, they add up quick. Thanks, Molly! Now I just have to get to the home improvement store!

    1. If I had taken the time it couldn't have been cheaper too - if I had taken the time to just bought a long piece of wood to make the tablets by hand.

  2. These look terrific! I definitely want to make a set of those colour tablets. And I know my husband can hook me up with wooden rectangles out of his scrap bin.

    1. Are you going to have B. make you any of the other bigger Montessori items?


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