Friday, February 28, 2014

Behold! A Mixtape for the Road. (7QT)

Linking up with 7 Quick Takes this week as a quick "I'm still here" while I spend most of the week trying to finish some last minute projects before my trip this week.  I'm heading off to spend some quality time with Elizabeth, Bonnie and Kendra at the Behold Conference.  I can't wait to meet more folks face to face and just be bolstered in my faith and vocation.

I'll be spending a little time on the road on Friday, which I love.  I've driven from Iowa to Texas and back and almost the entire length Interstate 80, twice.  I love car trips and haven't taken a decent one since we moved back from Oregon almost four years ago.

So accompanying me on my car trip this weekend will be these lovely musicians:

1.  Basia Bulat - Heart of my Own

2. Adam & I - My first download from Love Good Music and I'm quite please so far.

3. Gaelic Storm - I'll finally have some time to listen to their new cd properly, but honestly I'll be throwing in some Chicken Boxer, Cabbage and others to fill the gaps.

4.  Marian Call -

5. Colleen Nixon - Lake Ella's Sky

6. Rend Collective Experiment - Campfire

7. Alanna-Marie Boudreau - Hands in the Land


  1. So fun! I WISH I was going to be there this weekend. At least I get to hug your neck in July! And I love seeing Colleen on there. Lake Ella is one of our favorite places to go ;)

    1. Can't wait - I'm really hoping you can join us in 2016!

  2. So great to meet you tonight, Molly! I look forward to being with you at Behold tomorrow.


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