Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Winter's Crafting

{First, let me thank you for all your love and support yesterday.  Ever message just helped get me through the day.  After sometime spent in prayer at church and a nice night with family I'm feeling so much better today.  Thank you all.}

All the snow we've been getting means I've had nothing else to do other than finally tackling some craft projects that have been in my to do basket for ages.  Also, what else is better than a night spent with a fire going in the fireplace making something with your hands?  That's just about this introverts idea of perfection.  And lo and behold it's snowing again this morning!

Now let me introduce you to Percy.


I've long admired Waldorf dolls for young children, boys and girls a like and believe that boys can benefit from having at least one soft doll to play with.  However, the price of complete dolls has been an issue and so was the idea of starting from scratch.  So I was pleased as punch to find a bendable cloth doll blank at our local Hobby Lobby for less than $10.

I used these instructions to add the wig cap and hair to my own liking.  There are four different yarns in his hair and it's strong and so fantastically floppy.


And used this pattern to make his sweater (with a few alterations, namely no buttons holes and sewing up the front to make a pullover).  His pants are just a simple handmade pair.


Overall, I'm actually quite happy with him.  I wish I had more options for the head shape, color and features, but for a first try it turned out quite well and came within a nice budget.

For an additional treat I wanted to show you a few fun friends my mother made for Henry a while back.  Let me introduce the Kitties.

I do love having so many handmades floating around the house.

Thanks for stopping in today.  Stay warm!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! It was a lot of fun to do, and it's so floppy!

  2. I love Percy! That hair is great! Those kitties are adorable too. I think I am going to sketch up a pattern to make for some cat loving friends.

  3. Oh my gosh. All of this is so awesome. I need to make a doll one of these days.

  4. I have no small kids right now, but have seen these dolls and wondered at the cuteness and if I could make one for less. what a great sweater! And fun hair

  5. That is a super cute doll and I love his sweater.


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