Monday, December 2, 2013

The Story and the Spirit

I love having a mix of Christmas books that share both the story and the spirit of the holiday.  For me it's important to be able to reach my children in a number of ways when teaching them about Christmas.

The story of Christmas is very important; I want them to know the who, what and where.  I want them to understand what we believe to be true in the story.

I also want them to understand the spirit of the holiday - everything that the Birth of Jesus is meant to inspire in our lives.  Love, charity, joy and so much more.  I want to give them books that challenge what they see in the stores and on T.V. - I want to inspired a love of a simpler way to celebrate so I love books that show simple, quiet celebrations with family.

These are some of my favorites - old and new.  They are books I poured over as a child and books I'm excited to add to our collection.

These are two new additions to our collection for this year:
A retelling of the Nativity
A book for explaining important symbols of Advent, Christmas and the figures of the Nativity to small children - each explanation is followed by a short prayer.

{This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links.  If you're interested in a title shared here - click on the picture and it will take you to  If you make a purchase from that link I receive a small percentage of the sale which helps me keep my family in good books that I love to share with you!}

What are some of your old and new favorites?  Do you stick just to the story or is it the spirit of the thing that moves you?


  1. Loved The Polar Express as a child - also B is for Bethlehem. =)

  2. I love The Huron Carol! And theres some on here I haven't read-so yay!


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