Wednesday, December 4, 2013

5 Favorites: Getting By With a Little Help For My Friends

I haven't done a 5 favorites with Hallie for a while, but I know that this one will be special to me.  As many of you may know I've been offering free ad space on the blog to friends with home businesses.  It started as just a little Christmas present to a few friends to see if I could help out a little during the holidays, but now it's something I'm dedicated to in the long run. 

If you follow me on Facebook you'll know I had an amazing experience being part of a group of people who helped out a sister in distress this week just by sharing her Etsy store links.  Talk about an amazing way to get into the Christmas spirit.  So today my 5 favorites are my friends and their businesses that I'm so proud to support.

1.  Mandi - Lila Rose Consultant

2.  Meg - Owner of Bumblewood and maker of my favorite "Awake" soap

3. Cammie - Owner of Mae Bae's and A Snood for a Season

4.  Haley - and her amazing E-book!  (which is now available in print!)

5.  YOU!  Please feel free to use the comments to share your own home based businesses or that of your friends.


  1. - Cute Kid accessories!

  2. Oh Molly, you are just the sweetest! Thank you!

  3. Sweet idea!
    I'm going to check these out...

  4. OOOO thanks for sharing! I love finding new small business to support :-)


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