Friday, November 8, 2013

Happy Weekending!

Dropping in to wish everyone a lovely Fall weekend.

I've got Martinmas Presents to finish, Halloween decorations to take down and
some Thanks-vember (yes, I here by declare November "Thanks-vember") projects 
to get started with the kiddo.

.... but in all realty the bulk of the weekend will be spent playing in and cleaning up this....

I think "molted" is the only term to describe this
I think "molted" is the most accurate term

 ....One tree....

(This is going to be one EPIC leaf pile.)


  1. I'm sure Henry will LOVE jumping in the leaves! A giant leaf pile is the only fun part of raking. Have a lovely weekend Molly. <3

  2. I like "Thanks-vember". :) The neighbors have a tree just like that. Last year I believe he raked leaves at least 5 times. As soon as he would rake, we would have a wind storm the next day!

    1. Yep, our is about half way done, then there are about 5 other similar trees surrounding us that still have a good amount of leaves (there must have been a sale at the green house 20 years ago) ;)

  3. your one tree makes a heck of a lot of leaves. LOL when we lived in maine we had at least 6 LARGE maple trees on our lot. we were forever racking leaves until the first snow hit.

  4. Yeh . . . we just don't bother raking leaves. And our entire back yard is bordered with mature trees. Maybe in more middle-class neighbourhoods that wouldn't fly, but in our neighbourhood (across from an abandoned house, flanked by an abandoned field, etc), we can get away with it. Most of the leaves either blow onto the field or we mow them over in the spring. It ends up all right. :)

    I like Thanks-vember. I think that should be a thing.

  5. Fun! Crafts! Leaves schmeaves. Lol. We only have 2 leaf trees in the front yard..ashes and they lost all their leaves quickly. I would just rake them into the flower beds...but, some previous owners were fans of landscape fabric/plastic covered with rocks. =( So not great for composting.


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