Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Simple Living Books for Kids: The Current Collection

I haven't done a post on Simple Living Books for Kids recently, but have been adding new favorites to the Pinboard so I felt it was a good time to share some of our new favorites here.

Blue Bowl Down, Applesauce Season, Maple Syrup Season, and Pie's in the Oven are great books about children getting involved in the kitchen and sharing what they make with others.

 Miss Bridie Chose a Shovel is a lovely book with great illustrations about the a woman making a life for herself and the shovel she takes from home and how it travels with and helps her make her life.

 I Like Old Clothes is a great book about loving hand-me-down clothes.  A great book to read to help children develop a love of used and secondhand things in their lives.

King Jack and the Dragon is a fantastic book about three little boys building a castle from random things and the beasties they battle.

The Curious Garden is a great addition to any library.  It's a fantastical story of nature finding it's way in the middle of a city.  I love the image of a garden that wants to explore.

The Little, Little House a great little story about a man who thinks his house is too small and how he comes to learn that it is just right.

The Circle of Seasons is a book divided into seasons that shows the great things you get to do and explore as the year changes.  Beautiful pictures!

I've also collected a few of our favorites on the widget below.

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And if you're not already - you can follow the Simple Living Books for Kids Pinboard HERE


  1. These all look so great! I love book recommendations -- thanks!!

  2. Oh how funny - we just checked out Maple Syrup Season last time and I thought to myself that I should suggest you add it to the list! Now off to see which of these I can find at my library :)

  3. LOVE King Jack and the Dragon. Helen Oxenbury is a fantastic illustrator, we love her. Thanks for all the other suggestions, definitely have some on our wish list now! (for some reason it keeps getting longer and LONGER!)


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