Friday, July 19, 2013

Quick Updates

It's almost midnight, so I'm not going to call these "Quick Takes", but since we seem to be filling up the daylight hours away from the computer I wanted to pop in and say hi!

1)  I had a follow up appointment on Wednesday and everything looks as good as can be expected.  My doctor has advised us to hold off on our family plans for one or two more cycles just to be certain and then sent me on my way with the hopes that we might see each other again before the end of the year.  Still feeling apprehensive, but hopeful.

2)  I'll be glad when July is over.  We're moving the location of our pharmacy within our hospital and I've been picking up some extra hours and, in general, have been running a bit harder while at work.  While this has had it's definite upsides in the compliments from the boss department  I'm ready for my mini-vacation over the next few days and a trip to a music festival at the end of the month.

3)  August will bring it's own batch of fun as the hubs is switching schedules.  He'll be going to a 4 day a week, 10 hour day schedule which coincides with my own days off nicely.

4) So nice, in fact, that we'll be taking Henry down to 6 days of daycare, maximum, a month.  More family time and a smaller daycare bill should be good all around.

5)  The new schedule is going to take some getting used though - we won't have the same chances for family dinners so I think family breakfasts might become a tradition for awhile among other things.

6) It also means, since plan on sticking with the schedule thru the next sibling, that we'll be doing the bulk of Henry's preschool years at home and I'm rather excited about this.  It probably won't be that structured and strict, but I look forward to teaching phonics, numbers and having lots of library trips.

7)  If I'm away a little more than usual for the next month or so please understand - between mini-vacations, a wedding, a major schedule change and all the other things I've got lined up my computer time might be a little limited.

But to compensate for that disappointing news I leave you with a picture of my crazy hair.... because it's like the bastard love child hair of Hermione Granger and Edith from Downton Abbey.

{this is it in it's tamed form}


  1. I love your hair description! I think it looks lovely. Good luck with the busy changes you have coming.

  2. Bahaha . . . love the hair description. And the hair itself.

    I hope August brings an overall freshness to your life. Sounds like lots of good changes are afoot.

  3. Love your hair! So spunky and cute! Library days are the best! We treasure them so much :)


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