Monday, May 20, 2013

Where I've Been

Where have I been recently?  Everywhere, just not in front of Blogger.  There has been yard work to do, people to visit, parks to play in - everything - and it doesn't look like it's calming down anytime soon.  Next weekend is a wedding, a visit to some great-grandparents, hopefully a solid go at potty training, and that's all before the calendar changes to June.  June will see trips to the swimming pool and swimming lessons.  July is filled with fairs, backyard fun and hopefully a trip to the zoo and an Irish Music Festival (okay technically that one is in August, but it's August 2nd and I'm really excited for it).

We also had an emergency vet visit on Saturday night, but luckily we caught the problem in time (though the vet warned us another 6 hours and we would have probably had to say good-bye) and hopefully Hex will coming home tonight.  I tell you it's all excitement around here.

I normally love winter - at least I did before I had small children - but I'm rediscovering the joy of summer.  We're also plugging away at my husbands weight loss goals (pat him on the back when you see him, in one month he's lost about 10 lbs) so we've been trying to be as active as we can while it's warm.

For now I leave you oodles of garden pictures. 

{marigolds and onions}

{beans, peppers and cucumbers}






  1. Your garden looks amazing!!

    I've noticed a general decline in blogging everywhere during the late spring and early summer. There's just so much to do, sitting in front of the computer isn't appealing. Which I think is a-okay. We could probably all benefit from more time in the park/garden/woods etc. Now is the time to get busy and enjoy life. In the winter we can reflect on it all. :)

  2. I've missed you. Your garden looks incredible. Something or someone has eaten all the leaves off my broccoli!


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