Wednesday, May 1, 2013

In Which We Are Making and Reading

There are a lot of projects in the que right now.  I'm telling you there's something in the water because the number of babies coming into this world (or who recently have) is borderline crazy, but a good kind of crazy.

I wish I had time to make everyone something!

The homestead is keeping me busy these days, but I do get a little reading time in here and there.  I'm currently working my way through

and .

Linking up with Ginny and Nicole!


  1. love that yarn. how sweet is that sweater going to be?!

  2. Beautiful! My mom taught me to crochet as a kid, but I haven't done it in 30 years or so. :) I've been seeing so much cool stuff on Pinterest and really wanna try to pick it up again!

  3. Pretty lavender and purple...
    My daughter and son in law are currently expecting and have 18 or so friends who are also expecting...they joke about the Mayan Calendar Non-event last year and everyone throwing caution to the wind! LOL...

    enjoy your hand work and your reading.

  4. I love your beautiful knit, it's gorgeous. There certainly do seem to be a lot of pregnant people at the moment.


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