Sunday, April 28, 2013

In Which Quilts Were Seen, A Lot of Work Was Done And Pants Were Not to Be Found.

Sorry for the lack of updates folks.  My hands have been keeping busy; it's just that they've been busy no where near a computer.

We had our first days of really nice weather after the other weeks monsoon season.  Very glad that I didn't plant anything in the garden in the few days before my backyard became a lake.

My front yard was doing it's best impression of a waterfall.

This weekend was spent admiring other peoples work and getting my hands a little dirty.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.  (p.s. everything in the quilt show was hand quilted - much of it's machine pieced, but all hand quilted!)

And of course it wouldn't spring without Sans-pants Sunday!

More updates on little projects to come this week!


  1. the quilts are lovely!
    Your little garden looks like it is coming along. My garden looks about the same. I started late...we've had an unusually cool Spring so far this year. So my green beans and peas are just coming up, along with cucumber and carrots! I'll eat what I get.
    I have harvested broccoli already...we didn't get much before it bolted.
    The monsoon season, huh? We've had days were our yard looked like it was part of the local reservoir!
    Sans Pants cute. I remember those days, in fact we've had a few over the late winter months when the Little Grandson got on board with potty training.
    ...have a great week!

  2. Oh man! I feel like my whole life is pants optional--for the boys that is, not for me :) I'm not sure at what age pants become required outdoor wear, is it five or maybe six or does it just depend on how high your backyard fence is?


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