Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Children's Book Day

Today is International Children's Book Day and I thought I'd share some of my favorite Children's Lit related posts from Molly Makes Do.  I grew up the granddaughter of a Children's Librarian and hope to continue the tradition in the future so good children's lit. is in my blood.

an ongoing collection of books meant to inspire children to a simply type of life

Don't Forget -

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A few of our current family favorites:


  1. We LOVE 'Stuck' - such a fun book. And hooray for Children's book day. We'll be celebrating by reading (what else?). =)

    Sarah O @ two Os Plus More

  2. Love this list! I'm currently in the process of "updating" little man's book collection as most of them are baby board books and not story books. He's finally gotten into sitting and listening to stories. It's the favorite part of our day :-) I also looked at some of you inspired lists and it took me back to my childhood. Great stuff (and awesome blog too!)

  3. I am using all your childrens book suggestion lists to place a pile of hold at our library, I am sick of picking out books randomly off the shelves that turn out to be poorly written or have an unterior motive "help your child fit in, or its normal to have two homes, mommies and daddies" thank you for taking the time to post your suggestions!


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