Friday, March 15, 2013

My Francis

A few weeks ago I received an email from a friend with some "interesting" questions.  Namely what was my favorite color and who was my patron saint.  In perhaps another lapse of my lack luster RCIA process I had to tell her that while my favorite color is green, we'd not been told to formally pick a patron saint for our process, but that I will always consider St. Francis of Assisi as my personal patron - a simple saint who has inspired many things in my life.


This week the Catholic Church received it's new Pope. 

As an RCIA candidate, that is someone going through the process of joining said Church, it was an important decision.  Whether the new Pope would make me feel welcome or not was something that weighed heavily on my mind as the conclave approached and the doors were shut.

I was surprised at how much the pomp of the conclave touched me and how excited I became when I found out that the white smoke had been seen.  I was down right giddy.

Then came the announcement of who had been chosen to fill those red shoes - we had our first ever Pope Francis.

I was a little more than stunned.

I knew in my heart which Francis he had chosen.

St. Francis of Assisi.

My Francis.

The first saint I ever related to, even in the days when I was vehemently opposed to his Church.  The saint I consider the patron of my self and my family.  The saint I feel has universal appeal and has inspired countless Christians and non-Christians a like.

It was a powerful moment for me.

I'm still learning about our new Pope - like all men or women in positions of great power there are bound to be great and terrible things in his past simply because he is a human being just like me.  I know that he was not picked to be Pope because he is and always has been perfect, but rather that there is something special about his abilities and character that is necessary to the continuation of our Church.

But I am excited about what the simple decision of a name will continue to mean to me in the coming weeks and years.


  1. I am pretty excited about him too, and his name. St. Francis of Assisi really is one of the best ever! Secret: It is one of the only boy names Zach and I agree on, but there is a sort of complicated reason we weren't going to use it. I saw it as a sign that maybe we should. Also, I was totally crying when I saw the white smoke. I was like, "What the heck it is just smoke!".. but it really was exciting and I got to watch it all live with the boys which I will always remember and I hope they do, too.

    1. Francis is in the running for future middle names (we've got the next boy/girl names picked out, but it's in the running after that!)

  2. :-) I thought of you when I heard the name.


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