Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Little Easter

A great Easter weekend.  A long, but lovely Easter Vigil on Saturday Night.  I didn't realize until it was in line that it had been over three years since I had received communion from anywhere and how much I missed it.  We had a great, low key Easter morning complete with stacks of french toast and bacon and nice little Easter baskets (that looked all handcrafted and lovely, but were in fact filled with rather clever purchases from Target).  We have officially decided we are a bowtie family.

I hope everyone else had a lovely Easter weekend even if it's not a holiday for you!  I know I'm looking forward to warmer weather and brighter days from here on out.

(The books we added to our collection this year are An Easter Prayer, The Tale of Three Trees: A Traditional Folktale, and Tomie DePaola's Book of Bible Stories.) This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links


  1. Cute little basket...the sidewalk chalk is always great...especially if you have a slab of concrete. Here in the country...we don't have much sidewalk. We have one small sun porch that is concrete.
    Our littles got bubbles this year!
    I love that bow tie! H. looks adorable.

    Hope you had a Happy Resurrection Sunday!

  2. H is sooooo adorable! We didn't do Easter baskets this year. They get so much from Grandparents we decided not to contribute to the candy and the clutter. In fact the girls didn't even notice we didn't do Easter baskets at home.

  3. Oh, how I want to be a bow-tie family! Happy Easter.


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