Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ups, Downs and Downton

It's been a while since I've done an up and down post.  Just a simple recap of the last week or so - the highlights and, uh, low-lights(?)

  • Down - I appear to be working with Thomas and Ms. O'Brien from Downton Abbey - you know the type, trying to stir up trouble just because they can and not realizing that no one else is on their side.  Sadly I've managed to draw their (negative) attention
  • Up - Their recent attempt to make me look bad at my job has resulted in my finding a real error in the way we're doing our daily restocking and I'm now working with my supervisors to fix this problem which should lead to better efficiency and possibly better inventory controls.  So I feel very content that I've turned what was a very negative series of insinuations about my work (which I've also proven wrong) into a great deal of praise for my work ethic.  Yay!
  • Down - My little boy is going to be two in less than a month.
  • Down - I am not nearly as skilled at dealing with a two year old as I have in the previous stages.  
  • Up -As my yoga teacher said last night "Accept that this is hard and worth doing."
  • Up - Henry said " I love Mama" for the first time on Sunday
  • Up - He asks for hugs and gives great cuddles while falling asleep.
  • Down - One of us has to lie with him in his bed or on the floor for him to fall asleep right now.
  • Down - We were without a dryer for about a week.
  • Down - It's the middle of January which is not conducive to using our clothesline (doable in a pinch, but not something I really wanted to do).
  • Up - I had my drying racks to use in doors.
  • Down - I'm still behind in Downton Abbey
  • Up - My husband was able to replace the broken part himself and saved us the cost of a repairman and/or a new dryer.
  • Down - Budgeting... ugh.
  • Down - If we hadn't needed to replace brakes and tires on one car and another repair on the other in less than two weeks I wouldn't be dreading budgeting right now. 
  • Up - No matter what I'm thankful and anyways, it's almost the weekend!
  • Down(ton) - What is a week-end?


  1. Molly~ I absolutely love your UP/Downs...
    Yay for all the UPS! clothes drying rack (I just got one) --Yay on good work ethics and you didn't say it in so many words...BUT yay! for safety in car maintenance and trusty vehicles. :)
    My absolute FAVE? "I love Mama" ...I'm tearing up. I love those moments and the great cuddles.
    I wouldn't change anything on YOUR list...but if I would be the Lying on the floor until he falls asleep.
    It won't be long and he won't want you to do that. He'll be a big boy, then He'll be like..."Mo-o-M! go away! ... it's like that with boys you know. They only want to cuddle on their own terms. Well, you kow. you have a husband.


  2. LOL. Loved the Downton Abbey quote, "What is a week-end?" Maggie Smith is my FAVORITE. I'm behind in DA too, btw...

  3. Molly! I've had a broken dryer the past week, and have a timing belt going on my car too. Eech. Expensive and frustrating. I know. Wonderful to hear "I love mama" to make it all melt into background noise. :)


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