Friday, December 7, 2012

7 Quick Takes

I figured I'd jump over to Conversion Diary and add a few, very quick, Quick Takes to recap our Advent Season so far.

  1. 1st Saturday of Advent - Went to church on my own with Henry.  Was not our best mass every, but the woman who took the time at the end to tell me "You did a good job.  You're a good mother."  nearly made me burst into tears.  Seriously, folks if you ever see a mother struggling with her kids in church, at a store, restaurant, etc. please don't give advice or derisive looks.  Please be the one to tell her "You did a good job.  You're a good mother."  Every mother deserve to hear that from a stranger.  {Also read the first quarter of "A Christmas Carol" out loud while Henry played.  My husband will make a great Scrooge some day.)
  2. 1st Sunday of Advent - Lighting the first Advent candle, a little prayer, reading a Christmas book (The Polar Express because someone likes trains) and putting up our first advent "bookmark" after Mommy got back from Choir practice.
  3. Monday - Painting snowflake ornaments for relatives.  Because everyone needs an ornament that looks like a small glittery elf was sacrificed on it.
  4. Tuesday - Advent surprise; Grandma had another craft lined up and we made bagel birdseed feeders.
  5. Wednesday - Hot Chocolate Night and more Christmas books.
  6. Thursday - St. Nicholas stopped by with more books and gold in our shoes.  Henry kept saying "Food?  Shoe?  Food?  Shoe?"  He was very confused by the whole thing, but very excited for his new books at least.
  7. So far so good this week.  We've kept it simple and haven't gotten too overwhelmed.  The next couple of weeks will be getting steadily busier, but I have faith.
  8. *Bonus* We had a great kick off to our "Little HolyDays" Link-up and can't wait to see what gets shared when the next one starts on Monday!


  1. #1 - Would it be weird if it came from a man around your own age or younger? It's always so tricky as a man to navigate such things....

    1. Personally, no I don't think so. =) AND I should add that the same should go for father's too, we should be encouraging them the same way.

  2. Hi Molly, I'm a new follower! I just stumbled upon your blog from Modern Parents Messy Kids. I just saw that St. Nick came to your house on 12/6... we live in Hungary, so our little ones also leave their boots the night before 12/6 too! So fun to see that others do this too. Enjoying your blog!



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