Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Friends, I'm not going to tell you who I think you should vote for.

I'm going to trust that you are making what you consider the best decision for yourself, your family, your friends and your fellow human beings even if we don't agree.

I just want you TO VOTE.

Don't forget, don't run out of time and don't assume that your guy has it in the bag.

Too many people in the world don't have anything close to the say we have in our countries politics.

Please don't take that for granted.

That is all.


  1. Hey Molly! Well, I'm not American; and also, I'm not completely sure where I stand on the issue of voting in general, either; but I thought this article had an interesting perspective on the matter of whether or not to vote: http://www.jesusradicals.com/confessions-of-an-anarchist/

    1. I think I understand her point, but would argue that what shes most frustrated at is the campaigning process and I agree - the time and money used for campaigning (millions of dollars and hours) could be going towards so much more and that's why I don't donated to campaigns or participate in that process.

      Also, I agree that the best way to get a lot fixed in our society is to do it our selves - it's horrible that so many people use the "government" as an excuse not to take care of the poor, the sick, etc. by simply saying "I pay my taxes and that's enough. The government should handle it."

      Also (again) I understand that because of the electoral system we have in the US our votes often mean diddlysquat because many presidents get elected without the popular vote.

      However, I still think it's important to excercise what rights I do have - particularly because too many people use the idea of not voting for a president to ignore the fact that we vote on many more people and issues in todays vote - many of them directly affecting us at the local/state level.

      Personally, I don't care if we write in "Daffy Duck" or "that Ham Sandwich I had for lunch" for our presidential candidate, but I do still think it's important to vote for something and wouldn't it send a great message to hear about the write-ins!

      Thanks for the article, as always, it definitely gave me something to think about!

    2. p.s. Today our ballots are not just for the Presidential race - we have state/local issues, judicial retention, representatives, county offices to vote for - most, if not all of these are by popular vote (as opposed to the electoral system) so whether or not you cast a vote for president there are ways for your vote to count today! While I agree that our affect on the presidential vote is debateable that's not a reason to stay out of all of it... at least in my humble opinion.

  2. I hadn't known about the other stuff on the ballots until this morning. That definitely alters things. And I think your suggestion to write in your own is interesting and worth considering! :)


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