Thursday, November 1, 2012

"Blessed are they who mourn, for they will be comforted".  

As these words were read tonight I reached over and took my husbands hand as this part of the reading jumped out at us tonight.

We, each, have had our share of mourning in our lives.  Friends and family taken to soon, or after long periods of suffering and trials.

Tonight we went to church with reality heavy on our hearts.  One of my husbands uncles, already a survivor of a brain tumor, subsequent stroke and numerous other related issues is in failing health again.  An inoperable tumor has resurfaced, another bleed on his brain and the discussion of bone marrow cancer and as these things usually go he is still relatively young and the father of four.  We hope and pray for a miracle, but also know that it's healthy to start accepting the reality of the situation.

Today would have also been the birthday of our dear sweet Sarah, who was taken away in a motorcycle accident this summer.  It seems fitting.

Our days of remembrance can be bittersweet indeed.


  1. Molly-- heartfelt prayers for you and yours as you tread these troubled waters.
    I pray that you ARE COMFORTED. There is always solace in the Word.

    Peace- Pat


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