Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Thanks and Organization

Wow.  Holy Cow.  I'm a little floored.  Since getting a particular pin on Pinterest "Money Tight Montessori" has received close to 900 views and over 250 Pins in about 3 days.  That's a record here at MollyMakesDo.  Thank you to everyone!

It also encouraged me to finish a little blog organization.  If you look up you'll see a new "Favorites" page that now holds links (some with new fancy Pinterest friendly pictures) to the most popular posts on this little website.  If you're new here, I recommend click over and seeing what else may tickle your fancy.

There are some fun things happening here to watch out for in the next month.  More "Little Holiday" ideas to share, "Inspired" Booklists to share and so much more!

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