Friday, September 28, 2012


 Michaelmas Dinner - 

Chicken, Roast Potatoes, Onions & Carrots, Rolls and Cider from a local orchard.
In the background you can just see where I wrote out the Prayer to Saint Michael on our sliding door.

Michaelmas Flowers - 
A basic bouquet from the grocery store and mums from our backyard

St. George and the Dragon - 
A long read by toddler standards, but great book to read aloud.

Our Michaelmas Bonfire and the first use of our fireplace.

Blackberry Pastry Tarts - 
the best decision of the night.  Simple and delicious. 
 Recipe HERE.

Michaelmas is over and done with for us (we celebrated a day early due to a wedding this weekend).  I think this is the beginning of a great family tradition.  The full thoughts are still forming in my head, but it was so strange and so good to celebrate a holiday that was not commercial in anyways.  It was not about big family get-togethers or heaps of presents - rather just a night to say a special prayer, read a special book and make and share a good meal.  While a part of me wishes there were Michaelmas activities to participate in around town or at least at our parish, it was such a unique experience to be celebrating this holiday on our own.

I have a lot of thoughts of things to incorporate for my children as they get older - the great part of these little holidays is the learning experience combined with something festive - but for now I'm quite full and content and our little bonfire has burned itself out.  

We are officially ushered in to fall and I think I'm going to go pull on a pair of my handknit socks and get in a little reading under the small mountain of blankets on my bed.

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  1. You're Michaelmas celebration looks lovely! Especially those blackberry pastry tarts, yum! How was reading St. George and the Dragon with a little one?



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