Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wonderful Weather

 It rained here, and I mean it really rained.  In the last couple of days it's properly rained twice totaling more than 2 and a half inches (which is more than our total rain fall for May, June and July combined I believe)!  My lawn is turning green again and my front porch herbs are going crazy!  Most folk have written off this years corn (we're in the severe drought section of eastern Iowa), but the couple days of rain recently have given us reason to hope that our soybeans aren't done for.

The lack of rain has definitely made it easier to recognize the weather patterns.  I swear I can sense cold front moving in with much more accuracy now that they've been so rare for so many months.  It's also given us some amazing storm fronts that literally roll across the sky.

I think everyone around here is a little more appreciative of the storm clouds this year!


  1. I guess all it took for it to rain was for me to leave the state! I can hardly wait to get home to see what is going on in my garden.

  2. What a beautiful piece of property. :) I dream about the day we are in the country!

    1. makes me laugh because we're right smack dab in the middle of the suburbs, just at the end of "no outlet" street and a lone remaining piece of empty land. Right behind my parents house (this property) is a huge development full of McMansions (with a minimum purchasing price of half a million) and half a mile away is the interstate. Not quite as "in the country" as my clever cropping might suggest! That field does fill up with fireflies in the spring though, and it's beautiful!

  3. Those skies are beautiful! Just gorgeous. So glad you finally got some rain!

  4. YAY! We just got some rain, too, but I don't think we were quite as desperate as you all were.

  5. We drove through all that lovely rain a few days ago (in Michigan, on our way home to Wisconsin). I am so happy about this weather it makes me feel a bit choked up!


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