Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Rule

Really it should be a rule that everyone should have one older relative that brings you a table full of food on just about every visit.  Today we were gifted two bags of peppers, a bag of enormous potatoes, some onions and two boxes of various garden tomatoes "just in case we wanted them".... um, yeah! 

It's a goal in life to become said relative who makes you leave with no less than five pounds of tomatoes, some herbs and at a few potatoes whenever you stop by!


 Along with the heaps of produce came my husbands grandmothers never used Ronco Dehydrator.  Not only do I have all this wonderful gifted produce to can, freeze or dehydrate my local grocery store was having 99 cent/lb sales again so I grabbed another 5 lbs of Colorado peaches and about 5 lbs of California pears (most of the time we can't get pears that aren't from Chile or Argentina!).  They were having the 88 cent/pepper sale so I stocked up on a few more red peppers.

It's amazing how much one little old ladies garden can give - I can't wait to get my garden beds put in this fall and really put my money where my mouth is!

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  1. My parents are always so generous with their garden surplus. I came home with onions, chilis, cucumbers, beans, pickles, and pepper jelly this weekend.


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