Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Surprise Knitting

I might craft too much.

I just found a 75% complete Baby Sophisticate Sweater in my knitting basket.

The good news is that with a little creative blocking it should still be big enough to at least get my little to Christmas.  How awesome is that?

And in the world of sweaters my Paulie is finally starting to look like a Paulie!

And though I've given up home of completing this by my parents anniversary on the 18th, I'm really excited by the progress.

Speaking of anniversaries I'll be MIA for a few days as we're getting the heck out of dodge to spend a long weekend with my folks to celebrate said anniversary, which just so happens to be their 30th! Fantastic isn't it?

I've got a stack of books ready for the trip and might even let my husband drive the car so I can jump into them.  I just started North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell, but have a couple other books fresh from the library that are waiting for attention

I hope everyone has a good and safe labor day weekend!   I'll see you in September!

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  1. paulie is such a great looking pattern. It's in my shortlist for my first attempt at a knitted sweater!

  2. Enjoy your mini vacation! Happy Anniversary to your parents. My grandparents just celebrated 50 years and my parents will celebrate 30 in November. It is so wonderful to have such fabulous marriage role models in my life.

  3. enjoy you vaca! so nice to go someplace and chillax!
    the swetaers look so nice, too.

  4. Wow! so many projects! I love the sweater progress- I am about to embark on a sweater journey of my own, so I love seeing what others have done. And the needlepoint looks lovely- I know that takes patience!

  5. Great projects! I hope you have a wonderful vacation.

  6. Have a great vacation! Love your projects - they all look great!


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