Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's a New Day

For anyone who follows me on Twitter or knows me on Facebook it might come to no surprise that my husband and I received some bad news on Saturday.  At the tail end of our rather terrible July we were heartbroken to be told that a friend of our was killed in a motorcycle accident on Friday night, she was only 25.

As with many people in our lives we grow together, and grow apart in a regular rhythm, but still this hit me hard.  My time spent with this woman was only a total of 6 months over two summers, but those two summers were so definitive in my life and the person I have become that they are a quintessential part of who I am and so I feel as if a piece of my life is gone.  In those two summers I found a community in which I truly felt a sense of belonging and for a true introvert who's biggest challenge is connecting with people the connections I made there were astonishing.

But, this is not a sad post.  I've cried my tears for my friend and now I sit in awe at the outpouring of love that she's left behind.  While the local friends are meeting at our favorite Texas hang out to send her off in still people from around the world (me and Ben included) are taking a moment and taking a picture of the drinks they're toasting in her honor and I've been reading what seems like the same account over and over again; one like mine, an amazing woman touching the lives of people who only knew her for months or even days.

It makes me think of a quote of Mother Theresa's;  I, too, want to be remembered for the small things filled with great love.

It's a new day.

“Death opens a door out of a little, dark room (that's all the life we have known before it) into a great, real place where the true sun shines and we shall meet.” 

-C.S. Lewis

Keep on smiling down on us Sunshine.  =D


  1. Molly, this is the first I've heard of your news. I'm sorry for the lose of your friend. It is a true blessing for you to have known her, if only a short while. She sounds like she made a lasting impression.

  2. This is such a beautiful sign of both acceptance and appreciation for life.

  3. This post brought me to joyful tears. You have a wonderful outlook.

  4. I'm so sorry for your loss. It's amazing how small encounters can change our entire lives. What a wonderful post - she will live on in your hearts. *hugs*

  5. So sorry to hear this, Molly. May perpetual light shine upon her.


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