Sunday, July 8, 2012

Survivor Part Deux

Please enjoy a moment of Schadenfreude while you read this:

Not even 20 minutes after hit "post" for the garden update the coil of our oven caught fire....  Well, we were going to replace in a year or two anyways so new stove here we come!  Rather than wait four days for a repair guy to come, order parts and replace parts and potential not solve the problem we're just going to shell out for a new stove.  There are times to "make-do" with what you have and there are times to admit that you don't want to mess with electric problems and admit that that is why you have an emergency savings account.

Between that, the yard work and (about to share too much information) the mysterious first time in my life Hives that earned me a month long taper of Prednisone and my very first Epi-Pen on Friday I'm spent for this weekend.

The only good thing at the moment is that apparently Pred makes rosacea disappear.  I haven't seen my natural skin tone in years.  Too bad keeping on it is horrible for your body.

I really hope everyone can sit back for a moment and say "Oh well, I had a pretty good weekend considering"; as for me I'll be back in a few days with something a little less "face-palm" worthy in my life.

Cheers and enjoy this slight offensive, but funny music (warning: Not the most PC song, so might not be for all my readers.  If you normally don't watch anything beyond a PG rating you might want to skip this one.  Remember I worked in Professional Theatre for years so we might have differing tastes on this kind of stuff!)

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  1. Our oven recently did that too! Yay for a new oven. We got one and I'm burning almost everything. I didn't realize how badly the old was working! LOL!


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