Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Loves Songs for the Unromantic

Betty at Betty Beguiles is having a "Love Song Link" Up and it sounded like something fun to do in this heatwave (making a list of love songs that is ;) ).  I'm not a roses and diamonds kind of romantic girl so my "Love Songs" tend to fall under the category of things I want to dance to at my 50th wedding anniversary or songs that make me tear up thinking beloved family members or long passed friends.

 "Time Goes Away" by Rosie Thomas -
I can't sing along without balling

"Hallelujah" (cover) by Rufus Wainwright

"Boston and St. Johns" by Great Big Sea

"She Was the Prize" by Gaelic Storm

And proving that even my cold heart can be a little sentimental
The song I walked down the aisle to
"On One Beautiful Day" by Flook

And the (much too long) song we danced to at the reception
"Everything Else Disappears" by Sister Hazel

And last, but not least.  The song that every couple should dance to like no ones looking at least once a year.

 "Burning Love" by Elvis



  1. I love "Hallelujah"! You have good taste. :)

  2. This link-up would not have been complete without a little Elvis. :)

  3. Love your choices! LOL!! I'm like you, not really a roses & chocolate type of "romantic"... more of a "awww... hubby let me sleep in for an hour while he fed the girls breakfast & played with them" melt my heart type of girl. ;) lol!

  4. Flook! That's so awesome that you had this at your wedding, I love Flook and would never have thought of something so different and away from the traditional tunes.

  5. Beautiful! I would add "For the longest time" by Billy Joel! Love, Mom

  6. Beautiful! I would add "For the longest time" by Billy Joel! Love, Mom


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