Sunday, July 15, 2012

From Here to There

Oye.  Let's just forget that week ever happened. 

Well, maybe not completely.  First, thank you for the rain prayers/good vibes/dances that you sent out a few days ago.  My little town didn't get much of anything, but a lot of the neighboring communities did get some rain and lets face it the farms need it more than my suburban tomato plants and herb pots.

The meds are still playing hackysac with me - weight gain, moods, and all that good stuff - so I was pleased to have a dear friend call up at just the right moment and get me out of the house.  It was the first time I've been out of the house for fun sans baby, husband and any other family members in almost 2 years and that's really no exaggeration; September 2010 to be exact.  There was a little guilt to start with, but I felt so great coming home about 4 hrs later having seen a movie (a taped version of the National Theatre's "Frankenstein" played in a movie theatre, which was amazing and makes me long for my theatre days just a little), some sangria and some nice conversation.  It was worth it to hear a dear friends regard for me, my marriage and my parenting and really shifted my dedication back where it usually is. 

Times get tough here, there's not denying that, but I am so grateful that I and my husband believe we became part of a sacrament together and that means you work through things (even steroid induced mood swings) and move on.

And come up with good names to call him when he's driven you crazy again - right now I'm on a roll with "Twatwaffle".

We move forward - bit by bit, stitch by stitch.

 Incidentally the same way I get from this :

It's about an 1/8 of the way finished; probably just under a proper 1/8.  I'm still not certain I can get it done by mid- September, but I'm giving it my all and that's what counts.


  1. you are so right! little steps is what moving on is all about. they carry us further then we will ever imagine! love your stitching - and admire your patience!

  2. Wow! That is so insane! Your stitching is lovely! Also, you really need to get out of the house more often, it would do wonders for your mood. My friends and I meet each Tuesday - many of them have children, and I think it provides them with a breather...

    1. Thanks =) Yeah, getting out on my own a little more than once a year is definitely high on the priority list now. It's just so easy to get wrapped up with the day to day stuff and then suddenly months have flown by - and of course, I really do love being around my family!

  3. Gosh, Molly, I'm so happy to have found you. What beautiful needlework! Steroid-induced anything is pretty miserable. Offering tonight's prayers for you and yours.


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