Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Want of Photos

Another weekend, busy and full of great times and family activities and another weekend dearly left wanting in pictures took by mama.

I'm a terrible blogger.

And that's okay.

As much as I'd love a photo diary of exciting times together I tend to get caught up in the moment and forget that the real interact is what's important.  So I've begun picking and choosing when and where the camera makes an appearance and more often than not it's okay that it's not around.  I feel a little sorry that I can't show you, my friends, the crowds, the booths and the copious amounts of meat-on-a-stick that was consumed over the last few days, but in the end that's okay with me.  I hope it's okay with you.

So, even though there is a terrible dearth of pictures allow me to share some of the highlights. 
  • Henry was a champ and made through one concert on Friday and one on Saturday (about 45 minutes of the sets).  This was helped considerably by a set of stairs on a stoop that we claimed and graham crackers; though he was very polite and clapped after every song.  We saw Pieta Brown w/ Bo Ramsey and Joy Kills Sorrow.
  • Artsfest and the Mennonite Sale were great - lots to see though I didn't bring home more than a bag of apple fritters and a strawberry pie.  No art work spoke to us, asking to hang on our walls this year.  
  • I have to admit I'm hoping for fewer photographers selling prints next year.  While I do believe that photography is an art, the advent of photoshop and the like digital in general has created quite a boon in the field and I'm not really in the market for super sharp and saturated pictures of flowers.
  • I ran into quite a few old friends and acquaintances including my beloved high school theatre teacher in town for the weekend and a family that I knew about 9 years ago (and haven't seen since) who were regular patrons at a restaurant I worked at in college.  We have an open invitation to come out and visit their farms any time, and I think I will take them up on it!
  • Over all it was a great reminder of why I came home; my home town is really an amazing mixture of culture and tradition that jut creates such an interesting environment.


  1. I'm like you... I like to post photos with my posts...I guess you could have run outside and posted a saturated picture of flowers!:)

    What an interesting place for Henry to grow up! Sounds like the farm might be fun!

  2. I agree that actually being present in the moment, as opposed to being behind a lens, is so important. It's tough because it's easy to get swept up wanting to document every fun time. I feel the most free to enjoy life when someone else is holding a camera, so I know there's a chance that something wonderful will be captured, but I don't have to worry about doing it and can just have fun!

    And you are not a terrible blogger :)


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