Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Paulie and Hermione

I often wonder what "normal" folk do during their summers and hope that I'm not terribly odd for my penchant of knitting things like wool sweaters and knit socks during a drought (or near drought, please start praying for rain if you get a chance).

I've found that sock knitting is just the ticket to keep my hands busy on my bus ride and during family movie nights so I'm thinking my Hermione's should be done this week which is just in time for my next project to arrive; a cross-stitch for my parent's 30th wedding anniversary this September.

Add to that list the quilt I want to complete for Henry's second birthday, his winter hats and sweater for Henry,  my husbands new {Trigger} Gloves (he's worn holes in the pair I made him three years ago) and hopefully some hand-mades for Henry's cousins (including my recently announce Godson!) I think my hands will be busy thru next spring.

Other than the knitting we've been trying to keep cool here.  Biweekly swimming lessons are helping, along with long trips to the library at least once a week and future trips to the splash pad are in order.

Check out {here} to see some of the new books we've checked out and a few that are still on our list.

"Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it."
~Russel Baker


  1. I love car kntting. Socks are wonderfully for that, than you for the reminder. I adore your book list-I hope we find a couple of them at our library. I love that your husband has worn a hole in his gloves--what a great way to show he loves using them!

  2. Your socks look fantastic. I'm quite excited at the thought of trying my hand at sock knitting. But as I have a cardigan and a sweater on the sticks at the moment, and it is Winter here in Australia, I think socks might be my Summer knitting choice too. :)

  3. I can completely understand your knitting. Around June, I hanker for sweater knitting. Drafting plans for three as I type.

  4. Your yarns are dreamy!
    I do a lot of knitting in Summer - I'm not at all a fan of hot weather so I tend to sit somewhere cool and pass away the time, dreaming of Autumn!

  5. summer knitting......socks are a winner, and yours are so pretty!!!

  6. Exicted to see the cross stitch!! Love, mom

  7. I'm currently working on a wool sweater for myself. So, no, you're not crazy. ;-)

  8. Your socks sound and look wonderful.
    I don't know how to knit. But crazy like a fox... I've been doing some crocheting this summer. Dish cloths, diaper bags, lace, and an afghan (U.S.Flag)
    I used to enjoy crocheting in the vehicle, since the Honey's stroke and heart attack, I do all the driving now. But I do crochet while sitting at the V.A. Hospital during procedures and waiting times; so I still carry a tote with crocheting inside.

    enjoy your summer. We're keeping cool in the pool too. Trying not to run the A/C very often.

  9. Molly, I love to knit in the summer too...birds of a feather : )

  10. Sock knitting is perfect therapy :)
    You have a lovely blog.
    (Visiting from Frontier Dreams.)

  11. i understand your knitting year round love. i'm sure i would do it even if we lived in the heat, and wools too. ah well! your knits are lovely!


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