Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Good Weekend for Garage Sale-ing

We did some serious garage sale-ing on Saturday and me-oh-my was it the right day to do so.  I set out with $50 in my pocket and came home with about $10 and some change.

There was the necessary baby clothes for fall and winter - 3 pants, 3 shirts and a pair of shoes from a whopping $10.50, but that's not the good stuff.  One of the best places we hit was an estate sale near the end of our day.  My mother came home with this beauty.

And antique (oak, I think) potato chest.  It's fantastic and in great shape.

She also rescued that little box on the top left, which is actually a "Bible Box" with the crumbling remains of an 1850's bible inside, complete with a short genealogy of it's original family.

I came home with my own treasures from the estate sale.  A hard bound collection of various works of William Shakespeare (compete with notes in the margins, I can't wait to really delve into these and see what's in them), a vintage dinosaur book, an expandable towel rack and a beautiful large clothes drying rack that I've already put to use as of this afternoon.  The towel rack and clothes rack were items I've been searching for and couldn't believe I found them both for about $8 total (books were another $7) after our 25% discount.  I'm not really sure why we were getting a discount, but I was happy to oblige.

But wait, 

the best is yet to come and this was scored first thing in the morning.  Something I wasn't really looking for, but couldn't pass up due to the price.

That's not your eyes deceiving you - vintage school chair and desk for a whopping $5 dollars total, not for each, but TOTAL.

It's the perfect size for my aspiring academic (oh who am I kidding, it'll be used to color pictures of Thomas the Train and the Avengers for the next 4 years at least) and we've got plans to touch up the paint and to try and add a chalkboard surface on the top of the next.

It was a good weekend for garage sale-ing, wouldn't you say?


  1. Wow, what a score! How awesome is that bible find? I love things like that, that have strings of the families attached. I wish yard sales around here had stuff like that. Nice haul!

  2. The old bible...truly tremendous in my book! ;) W.Shakespeare not too shabby!
    Love to read both of those...
    But really...the favorite piece that you got...The COLLAPSIBLE DRYING RACK! YAY,You!
    I so want one of those. Not for now. Not Summer. No. Today was 103° --- I want a drying rack for the winter time, when the wood stove is fired up in the livingroom ... I WILL MOST CERTAINLY PUT IT UP IN THERE. Don't think I won't.
    I'm gonna have one of those. :) Pat


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