Thursday, June 14, 2012

Gandalf the Green or "Holy CSA, Batman"

Before I get into the thick of it I just want to say thank you, Molly Makes Do has gotten quite a bit of attention the last couple of days thanks to "Inspired: A Simple Living Booklist for Kids" being featured on a number of sites.  I'm flattered and humbled and I can't wait to have a moment to make my way to the blogs of all my new commenters, I'm on my way!

Thank you to Little House in the Suburbs and Lived Renewed for the Feature!  Please check the bottom of Booklist for an updated list of shared links!

Anyways, on the meat of it all ... and by meat I mean vegetables ... and by vegetables I mean...

holy batman look at those onions!

That's my 31 inch tall "baby" next to our two "green onions" from our first CSA box.  Thanks to Bass Family Farms I will never look at those little grocery store green onions the same way.

And look what else they had for us.

{Broccoli, Radishes, Lettuce, Bok Choy, Kholrabi and Kale}

This was all from our first "full share family box" that we are splitting with my parents.  We get a box of between 5 - 17lbs of vegetables every week for 16 weeks.  With the price split between our two families we are paying a whopping $13.25/week for a box full of pesticide free local produce.  Who says eating well and eating local is expensive.


We've got plans for this food - the broccoli, radishes and lettuce is open game for a weeks worth of salad.  The bokchoy is going into the grilled veggie pot and the kohlrabi is going to be made into a kohlrabi coleslaw for our Father's Day grill out on Sunday.  Tomorrow after work Mom and I will be making our first ever batch of Kale Chips. 


I need to head out and cut up some of the veggies and soak some lettuce before bed time, so I leave you with "Gandalf the Green".

{fun fact: we spent the thanksgiving dinner when Henry was in utero telling family that we'd decided to name him "Gandalf McSassenbrook".  True Story.}

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  1. Mom likes your post and took you advice and started up my blog again!


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