Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday in the Garden

 {Grape Clusters}

 {Herbs and A Great White Tomato}


 {Strawberry Fields}

 {Big Boy}

 {Black Raspberries}

 {Almost Black Raspberry}

 {Taters, Precious}


 {It's a rough year for corn}


 {Tomatoes from Seed}

 {Beans and Cuc's}

 {A Sweet Smelling Stoop - Rosemary, Oregano, Sage, Basil}


 {Lillies and Paste Tomatoes}

{Paste Tomato}

Pictures!  I know, finally right?  It's been quite a scorcher in the midwest this summer - we could count the times we've mowed the lawn on one hand due to lack of rain.  So things are growing in spurts and I hang my head in shame about the sorry state of my sweet corn, but in my defense I'm looking after two house's gardens and a few things do slip thru my fingers.

The black raspberry bush we planted last year has borne it's first fruit, and we've delighted in introducing of the branch berry eating to Henry who devours the berries by the chubby little hand full.

The potatoes and onions seem to be doing well,  but we still have a couple months to go before we really find out?  Any advice on potatoes, they're a bit of a mystery to me.

Come August we'll be swimming in tomatoes, we have 10 different varieties growing between the Big House and Little House.

Speaking of the Little House, we haven't done too much gardening/growing this year - staying true to our promise to give it one year to see exactly what we have.  Now that I've seen I'm ready to dig in and make it my own.  I believe we'll be adding a 4'x8' raised garden bed next year, cutting back on the peonies and turning one corner bed into veggies or fruit for next spring.  We also need to add some higher garden beds around the back of the house to help with a sloping lawn problem.  I love the planning, but oh it's going to be a lot of work!

So far my proudest achievement for the garden are the tomato plants that I started from seed - we'll see if they get big enough to really produce in time (we didn't start them until March), but I've heard it's notoriously hard to start tomatoes from seed and I've done it!  Also, and not shown, I'm thrilled at the rate at which my compost pile is composting.  At this rate we'll have a nice layer of black gold for the raised beds next year.

What's going on in your backyard?


  1. I started all my plants from seed this year! I'm so happy with everything that has come up.
    I also planted flowers from seed too. But I'm a bit disappointed in most of the flowers. The only thing that has come up there are the Zinnia, Morning Glory (no blooms on that one), and MARIGOLDS (miniature)!!! I'm most excited about growing the marigolds from seed-- don't ask me why; but I just am!
    Our carrots for spring didn't do well. The corn did well, but the grass hoppers got them (same as last year) I told The Honey-- next year, we're just going to have to plant every single kernal. We get great looking plants, but not a good yield of corn. so disappointing.

    love all your veggies in planters, Oh, and we did well with potatoes. I bet yours will do great!


  2. My garden is empty! We had major works to get a clear garden which was basically ivy, and now beloved is working on getting a reasonable grass patch whilst we save money to buy raised bed materials. I want my front garden to have an allotment feel with loads of fruit and veggies, but with a wedding in 6 weeks we're holidng fire til august! Zoe x

  3. bopping over from Ginny's

    everything looks wonderful! looking forward to
    seeing the progress over the summer.


  4. Yes, I understand about the compost excitement! Me too! I'm having my first success in a 5 gal bucket (we have a small space). I can't wait to be able to do potatoes & onions! I've heard home grown potatoes are really good. Your space is so beautiful. I've come over from Ginny's too.


  5. I love your herb planters with the flags in them and those berries how fun!


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